Power Relaying Solutions, PLLC (PRS) provides the following engineering services for our electric utility and industrial customers:

Power System Design

PRS offers complete protection and control design packages for electric utility substations and industrial plants, including new construction and modifications to existing facilities. PRS designs panels and enclosures for generation, transmission, and distribution applications. Typical P&C design package includes the following:

  • Relaying one-line diagram
  • AC/DC elementary diagrams
  • Panel or enclosure wiring diagrams
  • Bill of material
  • Panel layout drawings
  • Cable schedule
  • Demo drawings for retrofit projects

Relay Application and Settings

PRS provides expertise in relay applications in the following areas:

  • Generator protection and monitoring
  • Transmission line protection
  • Distribution system protection, automation, and monitoring
  • Transformer protection and monitoring
  • Substation bus and breaker failure protection
  • Capacitor banks
  • Automatic transfer schemes

PRS engineers are experts at applying and setting SEL relays, as well as a variety of other microprocessor-based relay manufacturers.

Automation and Integration Solutions

PRS designs SCADA systems for monitoring and controlling power systems, which includes the following:

  • Substation HMI
  • Sequential event recorders (SERs)
  • Synchrophasor data collection
  • Remote engineering access
  • Time synchronization
  • Equipment and relay monitoring and control
  • Data trending
  • Network topology design
  • Network switch settings

PRS can provide solutions to help our customers meet NERC compliance.

Power System Studies

PRS can perform a wide range of engineering studies, including:

  • Short-circuit analysis and equipment evaluation
  • Coordination studies
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Load flow and voltage drop
  • Battery sizing
  • Motor starting
  • Capacitor placement
  • Distribution feeder sectionalization
  • Switching contingency

Commissioning and Testing

PRS provides commissioning and testing services for various project phases including:

  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Onsite construction at electric utility substations
  • Technical support for existing equipment
  • Witness testing for solar farms

PRS is proficient with both Doble and Omicron test sets and software.


PRS offers customizable training to different audiences and locations. Available classes include:

  • Symmetrical Components
  • Generation Protection
  • Transmission Line Protection
  • Distribution Feeder Protection
  • Capacitor Bank Protection
  • Power System Studies
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Commissioning and Relay Testing